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The Seven Cures Plan is not a one-size fits all program that can be "doled out" like the "Keto Diet Plan" because it needs to be taylored to each individual person's needs. The needs are established by doing the Cognoscopy and ReCode Analysis along with additional discovery as per your team of care providers specifications and requirements. Once your treatment plan is established, you will need support, mentoring and ongoing montering. 

The first 1-3 months on the program you may need daily or weekly support to help you make the necessary adjustments to your daily routine. Further, there are very specific products and services that are recommended to achieve success on this program. We will provide you with the list of approved items as part of your plan.

You will be meeting with your Seven Cures Success Coach at a minium of once a month for the first year.

We provide written (Seven Cures Workbook) and oral instruction and support for executing your personalized action plan along with fine tuning. This requires on-going involvement with your mentor, coach and/or care provider. Training and support are also offered to the at-home care provider as part of your overall Success with the Seven Cures Program. 

Additionally, support is availble by telephone, text and email. All program participants recevie a monthly newsletter with new findings, recipes and tips.

Most people find that their symptoms start to abate 3 to 6 months into the program, once that happens rapid improvement can be expected. 

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