Seven Cures for Neurodegeneration

Dr. Bredesen's ground breaking research on neurodegeration with specific focus on Alzheimer's Dementia shows conclusively that restoring the brain functions is possible and that the circumstances and consequences of recovery are also restorative of the physical body as well. 

Dr. Bredesen discovered seven primary "cures" for neurodegeneration. Please keep in mind as you review this information that these are not independent but rather co-dependent on each other. Adopting one curative stragegy or a few - while eschewing the others  will not be sufficient for achieving success. This is a total package deal. Certainly each individual component is important but we're after creating a synergestic tipping point (ususally within 4-6 months) at which time rapid recover is the norm. 

The Seven Cures for Neurodegeneration

1.       FUEL, Feed – Nutrition, gut restoration

2.       Move - Breathe -Exercise, consistent pulse ox above 96                                                                  Seven Cures for Neurodegeneration

3.       Sleep - 7-8 uninterrupted hours of sleep daily

4.       Calm, Still – de-stress – cortisol shrinks the brain, restore adrenals

5.       Use - Brain Stimulation – Sudoku, brain HQ, Neurofocus, try something new, learn

6.       Detox – body burden, 30gm high fiber, dementogens…

7.       Boost - Supplements

To this list there are a few addtional therapies useful in restoring brain functions and creating additional synergies. These are:

* Light Therapies such as Pulsed Light Therapy as discovered by MIT 

* Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy aka HBOT - found effective for AD & aMCI

* Neurofeedback - benefits MCI